Rasa Diako Fam major activities are Export, Import, Commercial & Industrial Consulting, introducing of investment proposals as well as preparation of related feasibility studies for investors, purchasing services, Shipment coordination, all trading affairs in general.

Some of our major activities are as below:

  • Providing Consultant to investors applicants for Commercial & Industrial projects including Commercial & production plans. RASA DIAKO FAM COMPANY is preparing feasibility study for investors making presentation to them and if they confirmed our proposal, we will do all observations & procedures up to final commissioning of project.
  • Machinery, Equipment & consumable parts and accessories for textile industry.
  1. – Providing, selling & distributing Textile Machinery, Equipment & consumable parts and accessories for textile industries.
  2. – DIAKO FAM is very expert in Paper Core production. We are now producing different kinds of Cylinder Bobbin. Some portion of our production is now exporting to abroad.
  3. – We are importing Paper Cone for textile industry mainly from Turkey, India, China and other countries and distribute them to several end users in Iran.
  • Exportation, Importation & Distribution of Chemical & Polymer raw materials for packaging film production.

As Managers and founders of Rasa Diako Fam Co. has long experience in Packaging Film industry and related printing machine, has been succeeded to receive agency agreements from reputable polymer and chemical raw material suppliers in China & Korea. We have constant communication with reliable raw material suppliers worldwide. In addition, we have long term cooperation with worldwide petrochemical producers. Our company founders are all well-known Film Packaging industries in Iran.

The major raw materials which we are importing / exporting are PP, CPP, BOPP, PVC, LDPE, HDPE & Additives

  • DIAKO FAM is importing Glass Fiber mainly from China & Korea for PA & pp and distribute it to several end users in Iran. The major consumers of Glass Fiber grades are in Compounder Industries which supply their reinforced granules to Auto Part manufacturers / Rail Road industries / Telecommunication & Home appliances’ producers.
  • Importation of Titanium Dioxide ( Rutile/Anatas)

As Titanium Dioxide is widely use in several industries in Iran, DIAKO FAM is importing different grades of Dioxide mainly Rutile from different sources worldwide.

  • Exporting Urea from Iranian Petrochemical producers

AS Iran is one of the main producer of AMONIA/UREA with very good quality with huge production capacity and with consideration of this fact that AMONIA/UREA is widely consume in agricultural fields, DIAKO FAM is helping the applicants to export AMONIA/UREA from Iran petrochemical plants to buyers abroad.

  • Exportation of packaging films

RASA DIAKO FAM COMPANY succeeded to export various kinds of packaging films (Food & industry grades) as well as BOPP / BOPET/PVC films. Such exportation is continuing… 

  • Importation of parts and machineries in accordance with client’s order including but not limited to New& used machines, consumable parts and accessories…

One of the fields of RASA DIAKO FAM activities is importation of Telecommunication PINs, industrial extruder parts, faucet sanitary cartridges, gas & oxygen cylinders, importation of used film production films, importation of industrial diesel generator and so forth…..