We offer complete range of high performance printing inks for Gravure & Flexographic printing applications. The ink solutions we offer are cost effective, have excellent strength.

Ink Binders

We offer whole range of ink binders that are suitable for the formulation of high quality printing inks and generate significant value for printing ink and packaging film producers.


• It’s bonding strength on various plastic films especially PET, nylon and OPP enhances the quality of printed flexible packaging.

• It’s outstanding heat resistance allows usage in both retort able and non-retort able flexible packaging laminates.

• It’s low viscosity helps in boosting the color strength of printing inks.

 • It’s excellent anti-blocking properties prevents the film layers from sticking to one another and also helps in optimizing productivity.

 • It’s high re-solubility prevents scale formation in gravure printing cylinder cells, improves print quality and reduces maintenance.

 Our product range includes: – PU Ink Binders

 • Plasticizing  • Film form