Packaging Films

CPP Films

Cast polypropylene film (CPP) is gaining favour as the material of choice in both traditional flexible packaging as well as non-packing applications. CPP has a higher tear and impact resistance, and better cold temperature performance and heat-sealing properties as compared to BOPP.

Our Stretch Films are designed to offer high performance, great appearance and easy converting for flexible packaging and other applications.

BOPP Films

BOPP is a clear, flexible, transparent or translucent material produced from PP polymer, a linear, thermoplastic polypropylene resin. We offer superior performance films supporting high quality printing & converting.

our range includes:

• Transparent BOPP Films

• Heat Sealable & Non- Heat Sealable Films


• Thermal BOPP Films

• Coated BOPP Films

• Metalized BOPP Films

• Pearlized & White BOPP Films

• Cavitated White BOPP Films

• Opaque / Solid White BOPP Films


PET film is often an excellent choice for more demanding applications in food and nonfood-film applications. Major uses include microwave, and medical packaging, plastic wrap, tape backing, printed films, plastic cards, protective coatings such as solar and safety window films, release films, transformer insulation films and flexible printed circuits. Our Polyester film range is available in various types, thicknesses, widths with properties tailored to meet specific requirements of particular end uses.

 Our range includes:

• Transparent PET Films

• Hazy PET Films

• Opaque White PET Films

• Shrink PET Films P O LY E S T E R (P E T) F I L M S BOPET Films

• Clear PET Films

• Milky White PET Films

• MATT & Super MATT PET Films

• Metallized PET Films

• Offline Coated PET Films

High Barrier Films

We offer superior performance high barrier films that are the preferred packaging solution for preserving product quality and freshness for a longer period of time by offering moisture, aroma, and gas barrier protection for a wide range of commodities such as chemicals, pharmaceuticals, beverages, and food items. We offer standard as well as customized solutions that are of High Quality, Food Compliant and FDA Approved.

Our range includes:

High Barrier 5 & 7 Layer Films For

• Vacuum packaging • Gas flushing hot filling • Pasteurization • UHT milk & juices • Lidding films • Bulk liners • Thermoforming • Easy peal • Retort

• Re-closable • MAP • Anti-fog High Barrier Films

Nylon/EVOH Barrier Films 7 Layers

  • OTR • Aroma retention • Flavour retention • Chemical resistanc • Decolourization • MVTR • Pun