Company CV

The subject of the office activity in a general view is export, import, consulting in customs affairs, purchase and delivery services, order registration and marketing to sell products in the country and abroad. Variety of services is one of the features of this collection. Trustworthiness, accuracy and honesty in all executive operations and functional health in international trade are the key to our success. This office, with coordinated management and experienced personnel, successfully carries out any business operations in the shortest possible time due to strong trade relations in trade affairs and information capability, moving in the way of the latest rules and regulations related to current trade imports and exports. Our strategy in line with the principle of international trade is to provide new services to traders, manufacturers, importers and exporters of industry in our beloved country Iran. This office also has several partner companies abroad and is represented by reputable foreign companies and is ready to provide any services related to export and import cargo, sales and marketing services and exports to all parts of the world in the field of all products. Including oil and gas and petrochemical products and packaging and health industries with high speed to customers.