Qulity Control

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To support diakofam’s mission of solving polymeric challenges, the R&D organization aims to discover, develop, and deliver transformative polymer solutions that address the leading causes of polymeric challenges. At a time when many companies are focused on general products, diakofam Co, is working to meet the needs of as many polymeric challenges as possible. To achieve this vision, we need to take full advantage of opportunities arising from rapid scientific progress and new technologies. Nanotechnology and the data sciences are advancing at blinding speed, opening up immense new possibilities. At the same time, competition within the industry is intensifying, and access hurdles to polymer worlds are more numerous and steeper. To keep pace with these rapidly changing opportunities and challenges, diakofam, has adopted a dynamic R&D strategy. It’s designed to guide us in making smart, well-integrated choices that reflect the world as it is today while positioning us to adapt as the world evolves. By leveraging diakofam’s long-standing strengths in polymer science and nanotechnology innovation, we’re confident we can deliver solutions that polymer industry will embrace. This “hands-on” approach allows our customers to make on-line modifications to the process and material characteristics, greatly decreasing development costs and time-to-market. diakofam’s modern facility was designed specifically to streamline compounding operations in a clean and controlled environment.